Privacy Policy and Customer data management

By filling the registration or order form on, you agree to be registered in the Louis Purple International data base. The company is authorized to collect and administer personal customer data within the specification of 677/2001 bill.

Data collection is done with the agreement of you, the customer, this information will be used for billing and shipping purposes, for newsletters, for contacting you with any issues regarding the order, or contacting you at your demand.

Louis Purple will not divulge this information to third parties, except to authorized partners for direct marketing or similar activities. Personal data may be offered to authorities that have the right to audit the financial activity of the company or any other authority that demands it within the rules and regulations of the law.

Because customer data is stored and transmitted online, Louis Purple cannot be held accountable in any way for the loss of the data or for unauthorized third party that copy the data thru intercepting software. When users indicate such issues have occurred, Louis Purple will take all required measures and will alert the proper authorities to solve this type of crime.

The user is responsible to secure the login data of their account. Louis Purple cannot be responsible for the loss of the login data and login attempts that trigger the block of the account. Louis Purple cannot be held accountable in any way for the loss and change of personal data stored by Louis Purple with the purpose specified in this document.

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