Louis Purple Personal Stylist

Louis Purple serves a higher purpose than selling clothes. We are there for each client to help them bring out the inner “gentleman”.

Our services and products are tailored to each individual client, allowing them to give shape to their personal style and to configure a wardrobe that saves them all the hassle.



The way people choose their clothes these days very much resembles a trip to the supermarket. There are way too many options and brands, you are clueless as to what suits you and you get bad and confusing advice.

At Louis Purple, you get to have a close relation with your stylist and he will make sure that you invest in your wardrobe and not spend money on “what’s trendy”.


There are rather awkward moments that we all face: an important business meeting, an evening event or perhaps a wedding where we lack the proper guidance and we make less than perfect choices.

Your stylist will make sure that you are spared of such situations. Moreover, they will make sure you will feel good in your own skin regardless of the context.


For most men, shopping is not the dearest of activities. Time spent from mall to mall, store to store is tiresome and most times counts as wasted time.

Your stylist will rid you of this “torture” because they know you and have ready for you several versions that suit you ahead of time.


We are there for you whenever you need advice, not just when in our showroom.

Send your stylist a message, a picture or give them a call if you need a helping hand when going to an important event or simply for choosing your outfit for a business meeting.

Schedule your appointment WITH AN EXPERT!

In our showroom, at your office or even at your house, we can make available a stylist for you to help you shape your wardrobe and personal style.


What a LOUIS PURPLE stylist does

Provides qualified advice

At Louis Purple you can shape your personal style next to a genuine expert. We have created our own academy. Each student undergoes an initial intensive 3-month training and then a further in-depth study period of 6 months before becoming your stylist.

Chooses and organizes your wardrobe regularly

A well-chosen, well-organized wardrobe is the most important thing for a successful image.

The elements are chosen to combine easily and to agree with the bearer's features.

Every now and then, the items that no longer serve you faithfully must be removed and replaced with new, carefully chosen ones.

Your stylist studied the science behind these things and can build ”Your Ideal Wardrobe”.

Helps you develop your personal touch

There is no recipe of success applicable for everybody. Some are distinguished through intense colours, while others need brighter tones. Some wear a tie day by day, while others are used to jeans and a T-shirt.

Above all, your stylist will make sure that your choice in clothes is adapted to your personality.

Is the ace up your sleeve

There is a sense of security you gain when knowing you have your own expert at hand, whenever you need them. You know you can call them and you know you can always look impeccable. You scrutinize those around you and can already see all the details and, most importantly, you can actually understand them.

Now, you are a member in a club of men who look impeccable and have an ace up their sleeve.


Today, we are all stylists - we read blogs, give advice to friends, go shopping with relatives and hocus pocus... “I’m a stylist”. There is a difference between an amateur and a Louis Purple stylist.

The difference lies in years of experience in consultancy, in dozens of specialized books studied and days and days of technical training that each of our stylists must undergo.

A stylist on this level is paid 300€/day of consultancy, but we offer our expertise free of charge.


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