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«When it comes to suits, men have very little choice. Made-to-measure offers so much fabric diversity»

Fred, 40. Financial consultant

«I actually had fun buying my suit. I played with all the details available to make it look more personal»

Steve, 32. D.J.

«In my job, you need to stand out! Appearance is a performing way to demonstrate your personality»

Vincent, 39 ans, commercial

«I purchased a custom shirt from Louis Purple recently and was very impressed with the end result. There was vast variety of materials and designs to choose from. The shirt feels great to the touch and fits like a glove while allowing me the movement I need.»

David, 29 ans, entrepreneur

«I used to hate shopping for suits: most of the time, there are too basic and fit poorly. With Louis Purple, I can finally pick my style "A la carte"..»

Vincent, 39. Insurance trader

«Buying a Louis Purple suit is time efficient and enjoyable. As the boutique keeps a record of my body measurements. I just have to choose my fabric and fit for the right occasion»

Thomas, 43. Architect

«For my Birthday, my wife and kids offered me a shirt that they entirely personalized. I really had a tailormade gift!»

Jack, 65. Lawyer

«Huge fan. I purchased a custom fit suit and shirt recently. The staff was extremely helpful throughout the process in helping me select a fabric, collar, etc that fit my style. The results were excellent.»

Joshua, 29. Business owner